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Cancer, a deadly Virus caused by the growth of abnormal cells in our body. However, there is no specific reason except heredity, environment and lifestyle for cancer. There is no reason why one person gets cancer and other does not. It has been viewed that 85% of cancer can be cured by avoiding environmental risk factors. There are remedies available in Ayurveda for different types of cancers like skin, lung, throat cancer etc. Divya Kanchnar Guggul is the perfect ayurvedic herb for the treatment of throat cancer. It is used in all thyroid disorders. It is one of the Baba Ramdev medicines and it is proven for curing cancer, maintains the immunity in the body and quick relief.

Environmental causes of cancer

  • Ultraviolet radiation- UV radiations from the sun directly linked to skin cancer. Harmful rays often damage the skin and also cause premature aging. Direct exposure to the sun and wearing clothes that protect you from harmful rays may reduce the risk of skin cancer.


  • Eating habits – High cholesterol diet, fat are the proven risk for colon, uterus and prostate cancer. Healthy and balanced food diet including fiber, mineral, vitamin, carbohydrates and protein reduce the risk of cancer.


  • Smoking – Cigarette smoking is the main reason of increasing lung cancer. Excessive smoking cause several types of cancers mainly of mouth, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, kidney, and other parts.


  • Radiation - High volume of radiations come from x-ray and some radiation therapies can damage the body cells and increase the risk of cancers like thyroid, lung, breast, stomach and other organs.


  • Chemicals – Exposure to chemicals for long term such as pesticides, uranium, nickel, benzene and asbestos increase the risk of cancer.


  • Viruses – Viruses like hepatitis B and C, HPV and causes infection have been associated with increases the risk of cancer.


  • Others – other factors like hormone imbalances and regular checkups and screening by professional can detect breast, colon and rectum cancer.
    Apart from the professional treatment, there are some home remedies which help you to build up your immune system and lower down your pain.


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